Monday, December 7, 2015

The Spanking Timer

There is this place that I vacationed once. It wasn't my favorite vacation but in my mind I can still see myself there, in this one particular spot, standing and looking out over the calm water. I remember that in order to get to that place I had to walk along a very long narrow wooden pier. But as I walked I knew that there would be peace at the end. That is what discipline is like for me. Let me explain...

In my last post I talked about how I had a punishment spanking coming. But as it turned out we had a wonderful date night opportunity pop up unexpectedly and Allan took me out on the town. It was such a great night and early in the evening I had my suspicions that no spanking would be happening. Thankfully I was right and we spent a romantic date together doing all kinds of fun and Christmasy type things late into the night. Our weekend continued on as planned and I thought he had forgotten. I was wrong!

Last night we had just gotten the kids all put to bed and I was getting cozy on the sofa after a busy weekend. The show we were watching ended and I asked if he wanted to watch something else. But all he could say was "Bedroom now". Yikes! I complied. We went to the bedroom and he ordered the pajama pants and panties off. He started lecturing about how I had been so disobedient last week and he finally had the opportunity to deal with it. I knew I was about to get it. But then something different....his phone came out. He set the timer to ten minutes and told me to get over his knee. I crawled across his lap and grabbed a pillow to squeeze.

Now, a maintenance spanking probably wouldn't be so bad on a timer. But a punishment spanking, at least under Allan rule, had me crying Alligator tears about 7 minutes in. I squirmed and wiggled and kicked my way through it but there was no getting away from that timer. When it was over I was a sobbing mess and was thoroughly regretting not taking the nap I had been told to take. Nap Vs. the Timer equalls a no brainer.

So today I am still sore but much more focused on Allan, and in a much more subby place. I like it here because it is emotionally warm and cozy and and I feel much more calm and peaceful here! Kind of like walking down that pier. The view at the end is great!


  1. Yikes. The way my husband passes out punishment. I definitely wouldn't want it timed. If I am lucky, he tells me how many swats. Most of the time he just watches me.

    Welcome to dd and bogging!

  2. A timer? Oh dear. Lovely view in the pic and I'm glad you're feeling better, if sore. ;)

  3. Renee,
    No timer here, thank the Lord.