Friday, October 14, 2016

Maybe a Spanking in the Garage?

Life has been pretty stressful here in my town after the great flood that happened. While my house didn't flood, most did, so I've been keeping myself busy trying to help as I can. Most days I find myself taking charge of the situation, laying out plans, and keeping busy busy busy. It just seems to be in my nature. So a few days ago Allan comes home and says to me that I need to try to relax, put my feet up and chill out. I agree reluctantly, knowing full well my hyper-drive personality will make that nearly impossible. Let's be honest here. I need a little help from time to time. Yes, discipline is a help for me, getting my mind back to a clear place. I don't know if any other women feel the same way but I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. 

But it's hard with the kids here, trying to be just quiet enough, it kind of sucks the life out of the purpose of stress relief if you're worried about noise. `

So, with no immediate weekend plans on the horizon, I get to thinking. We need a space. A discipline space that I can go to for some re-set as needed. However, no such place really exists in our home. We've tried the bedroom, bathroom, etc.. but nothing is quiet enough. So, how about the garage? It's detached from the house right? Hummm....maybe with a little organization in there it might be an option. I mention this to Allan last night and I could see his wheels start turning. He's at work today, but if I know my husband, he's got it all worked out in his head already. I'm curious how this will turn out!