Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The D Word

How do you put into words the things you have hiding in the deep recesses of your mind or heart? Or maybe the question should be, how do you bring certain subjects up "oh so delicately" when you are afraid of their reaction?

For me the answer to that question has never been easy. Domestic discipline opened up so many doors for dialogue and communication for Allan and I. And over time I've found it a little easier to bring up uncomfortable subjects because I've learned to trust him. However, there are still times I worry about his reaction.

I consider myself a Christian woman, and I have my morals. So when I have these deep feelings wash over me when I am with Allan I don't often understand them myself and I worry if what I'm feeling is immoral. There have been many days I've looked in the mirror and thought "Girl, you need to set up an appointment with a Counselor". I haven't so far, but maybe one day I will. For now I'm "EXPLORING" my feelings.

So I have this thing for Authority. Huh, imagine that, a TIH who loves authority, LOL. And Allan is older than me. So I've found this respect and admiration that I have for him brings to light these strange feelings that I guess many in pop culture would call "Daddy Issues". Yep I've got them BAD. 

I was not abandoned or neglected as a child. I wasn't ignored or belittled. In fact, I have a great relationship with my Father. But he was a soft spoken guy....not exactly the tough protector type. I guess I've just wanted that my whole life and I found it in Allan.

So one night I just tossed my fear out and called him Daddy, and OMG I loved it. All these things just started pouring out of me. He seemed to like it too. I know it's such a non-traditional and unusual thing but it's just happened and I'm processing it. It's honestly brought to light so many things I'm learning about myself. I never thought one little word could change me, but it did. I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there in blogland who feels the same?