Saturday, December 19, 2015

My favorite Guy

Here is a little info on my guy Allan. Feel free to copy and share your answers. I decided to do this survey after I saw it on Lilli Clairmonts blog. Thanks Lilli for sharing this was a lot of fun to answer.

1. Name a favorite movie of his.  Do you like it, too?   (if he doesn't have a favorite movie, substitute a TV series)Apocalypse Now - No I don't like it. It is too violent for me. I am more of a warm and fuzzy movie girl. He does watch those with me all the time too.

2. Tell us something you cook or bake that gets him so happy.   Do you add something special that makes your recipe unique?
I love to bake for Allan. Some of his favorites are spice cake, pineapple upside down cake and apple pie. For the apple pie I make my own crust but I do a crumble topping that he LOVES. It is very easy to make too. Here's a link for the topping: 

3. What does he wear to bed?
Usually cotton PJ pants or boxers.

4. Does he have or has he ever grown a beard or mustache?   Did/do you like it?
He grew out a goatee once. I liked it but he didn't because his facial hair is so coarse that it was always itchy. But other than that he has always been my clean shaven guy.

5. If they were going to make a movie of your husband, what actor would you pick to play him? 

Eddie Cibrian. Allan is tall dark and handsome like Eddie but my guy has big broad shoulders too. Allan has a really amazing smile and it reminds me very much of Eddie.


6. Who is neater around the house, you or him?  Give a sloppy example.
Me, definitely me. His sloppy example is his pocket contents. He will clean out his pockets and put things on the mantle, dresser, counter, etc... And some stuff usually gets left behind daily.


7. If you could buy him tickets to any concert (past, present or future), what musician/group would be singing or playing?
George Straight

8. Does he wear a wedding ring?  Do you care?
Yes, and he also has my name tattoo'd under his wedding band. That was his idea.


9. How old was he and how old were you on the day you met?  What else do you remember about that day?I think I was 25 and he was 35. We had spoken on the phone for weeks but this was going to be our first in person date. I was so nervous I almost didn't go, but I'm glad I did. He kissed me on the boardwalk in New Orleans and my heart flowed over right there with the mighty Mississippi River.  

10. If he is the one to choose an ethnic restaurant for dinner out, would it be Chinese, Indian, Mexican, French, Italian, Greek, or ... ?
Japanese - Sushi for sure


11. Is there a photo of him as a child that you find especially endearing?   Tell us about it.
Yes, but he was actually about 12 I think with a hammer in his hand. He had the best and most genuine smile....still does.

12. If you were going to choose a dress in a color just to please him, what color would it be?
Red, bright red with matching sexy red heels.


13. Do/did you love his mother?  Why or why not?
Yes I do love her, but she is a hard pill to swallow sometimes. I wish we had a better relationship with her.


14. Name a famous person he really admires.

Ronald Reagan


15. Does your husband prefer coffee or tea?
Neither. I think he loves them both. He only drinks hot coffee, never iced coffee, but he loves sweet iced tea. We are from the south after all.


16. Does your man know how to dance?  Is it something you both enjoy?
Yes, but don't laugh. He learned most of it in country music bars while living abroad in the military. He's a great slow dancer but not so much the fast stuff.