Sunday, December 13, 2015

Am I missing something?

So with the great cookie exchange, Love Our Lurkers, Etc... I am wondering if maybe there is a better way to connect with other bloggers or couples in the DD community. Does it just take time or is there some fantastic forum I am missing? Any comments will be appreciated.


  1. Renee,
    My email is right there on my web site. That is how I connected with both readers and bloggers. Email me and let's talk.

    1. Thanks Meredith, I'll shoot you an email.

  2. Honestly I think the best way to get to know other bloggers is to comment on their blogs. Not just comment like, " I get this post" but perhaps expand a little bit about yourself or how you relate.

    There certainly are many chat rooms attached to forums in which to talk to others. I found my best friend that way, but I also have used Google Plus as it has a chat feature much like Facebook.

    Basically you find some people that you can relate to in some way shape or form ( not just because they say they do ttwd, but you feel like you might like to get to know them better) and STALK them...LMAO. I'm kidding. You could also put your email on your blog as well as link it to your profile.

    Anyway, the more open you are with people the more open they will be with you and that is how I have made and maintained some wonderful friendships over the past 3 and a half years. I will say though to trust your gut. Take it slow and don't be the only one answering questions. Make sure your sharing eventually is even.

    My blog is private, but I do have an email attached to my google profile.

    Give it time Renee. There are many, many wonderful people in the blogging community and even more in forums. Take it slow, allow people to earn your trust as well as for them to trust you and things will turn out just fine.


    1. Thanks for the good advice Willie....especially on even sharing. I signed up for a few forums and will definitely give the blog hopping a good shot, LOL :)

  3. Wilma is right. Go to blogs and leave comments. Let them know that you are there and active in the community. Right now I only have a few people commenting on my little blog. Most of my long time blogging buddies are gone. Time to make new friends.

  4. New Friends are good Rose. I wonder why so many blogs go down after a while. The curious cat in me always wonders how DD plays out years down the line.

  5. Hi Renee,
    All the ladies here are right. There are a bunch of different venues and you never know where you will meet those few women who become very close friends. I can think of 3 from getting to know each other through blogs and one from a forum. Be careful and wise...there are all kinds out here and one can get hurt. The strongest friendships I have grew slowly and steadily.

    To comment on your note right above, I had a blog that I wrote on a couple times a week for a year, then it got a bit slower over the next two years and to be honest, now there really isn't anything that I need to process out in a public place. I've never been one to share the really intimate stuff about DD, more the emotional struggles and won't put stuff out there if it's mostly to entertain. I've left it up because I still get communication from women who find things in there that help them. Maybe someday I'll write and update for all the folks I used to know bc TTWD is still alive and well here many years into it.