Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My First Corner Time

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle All The Way! Boy do I love Christmas time. I wish it could be Christmas all year round. I love the cold weather, the long pants, the lights, the food, I just love it all. And let's just be honest, we all have that one favorite Christmas movie that puts us in the Christmas spirit. My favorite Christmas movie is "ELF". I think I've seen it a couple dozen times but it makes me laugh and that's a good thing. 

Things around our place have been going well. DD has been somewhat inconsistent but we have so much going on that it just fills the spaces we have time for. I wish it was different and maybe one day it will be. Allan has added a new element to our relationship and that is corner time. I had read about corner time and even chatted with a few girls who's HOH's incorporate it into their relationship, but I never thought it would be used for us. About two weeks ago Allan brought it up for the first time and at first I just thought he was joking around. Nope! 

So far I've only been there once and it was far worse than I thought. It's a humbling experience. Panties down and standing quietly. It was genuinely a very reflective time as I knew what was to come. Knowing my husband was watching made this an intense experience for me. If it's supposed to bring out the submissive side, it works. Standing there before a spanking actually made me worry more about the spanking than usual. We are trying a few, what I will loosely refer to, as submission exercises. Maybe what Allan wants most for Christmas is more submission. I am definitely working on it!