Saturday, November 28, 2015

Inside My Safe Place

Inside my safe place you are my protector. You stand over me and I look up into your eyes and feel your strength. You kiss my forehead and whisper, I love you little one. I melt.

Inside my safe place you wrap your big strong arms around me. I bury my head into your chest and hear your heartbeat. That is where I belong.

Inside my safe place you are my leader. You fix the broken whether it be my bad day or my car. I know you will pick up the phone when I call because that is who you are.

Inside my safe place you are my disciplinarian. You pull me across your lap and place your hand on the small of my back. You tell me that you love me, and tell me that you are my leader. You remind me of your strength. Then you kiss away my tears and hold me close.

Inside my safe place I find my gentleness and I adore your strength. I give you my heart and in return you do not break it. I trust you and I love you. 



  1. Hi Renee, This sure hit home with me. I find my safe place with my head on Eric's heartbeat as well. I love that sound; strong and consistent. Been on my own a long time. Still learning to trust that he'll always be here... Amy

  2. Amy, thanks for your comment. I read your blog. You have such a sensual passion for him in your submission. I hope I could be as free to express myself as you are eventually.