Friday, November 6, 2015

Renee Has Yielded

This is my first post. I decided to start my own blog because I have been pouring over every article I could find on DD and TTWD for weeks, trying to better understand it, and why in a Months time it has transformed my marriage so completely. I want a way to connect myself to a place where this is ok, this thing we do, whatever it may be.

So here goes.....

I always knew that I wanted this. I can't remember at what age or why, just that I wanted to submit. But there was one problem which was I have a strong independent personality which was courtesy of my upbringing. My family was evangelical, and I loved it. My Dad was a soft spoken and kind man and my Mom was a stay-at-home Mom who was the discipline figure for us kids. She was always in control and wanted to raise her daughters the same way. She said our church taught that wives should submit to their husbands, but she knew she couldn't and I shouldn't feel I had to. But deep down I was a girl, and I knew I wanted a strong masculine man. I wanted to be gentle and wear skirts and bake things. I wanted to submit but my pride, and the fear of being seen as weak was in the way. 

Then, after much talking and heartfelt conversations with my husband (Allan), I told him what I wanted. I wanted our own version of DD, and he was on board. And as it turned out it was what he "needed". The change I have seen in him has been amazing. He took on this role so naturally and it has made me see him in a new light. We spent almost a decade going in the wrong direction. But suddenly, Renee has yielded. What has taken place in the past month can not even be put into words. I am submitted, I am yielded and suddenly I am alive. 



  1. Hi Renee! I see you're just at this beginning of this journey. What an exciting time! If you guys are like us, you'll have some ups and downs along the way. Just know that if that turns out to be the case, it's not unusual. I think you'll find that many of us are strong, independent women in general. ;)

  2. Thanks Lilli, yes this is an exciting time for us because for the first time ever I feel like I can be the whole version of myself, and I feel like I am getting the whole version of my husband. I know we have a long way to go. Thanks for the encouraging words!!!