Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Submission Struggle

Ladies, hopefully you can help me out. How do you prepare yourself mentally for submission? Do you engage in any personal submission exercises to encourage your submission when it feels tough? Are there any little things you do for your husband to show you are approaching him with respect?


  1. For me it helps to wake up before the kids are up and have a quiet time. I usually have a book I am reading that addresses submission in some form whether DD related or biblical submission. I especially like books that have writing prompts in them so I can apply what I am learning further. I also pray for J and for God to help me submit to him. I pray for J to continue growing as my leader and the leader of the family. I pray for unity of mind and spirit between the two of us. When J wakes I bring him his coffee and he has his own quiet time. Then we check in at 6. I like to kneel during check ins. He doesn't always require this but it helps me to get into a submissive mindset and show him my respect physically. Other things I do throughout the day are just simple really. I defer to him on many decisions that need to be made and try to do things that I know he would prefer or appreciate.

  2. Jlynne -This is what my brain has been struggling to grasp for years!