Thursday, August 4, 2016

I think it's time

If you read my last post then you know that life is looking up, and now that I feel somewhat more emotionally unbound, it is perhaps time I could focus on my submission again. Because boy oh boy does that just tickle my fancy....pun intended.

My marriage is magically transformed through submission. It's so hard to explain. There is such freedom in submission for me. So, the plan is to bring it up tonight. I am nervous that after the break it might be hard to find a good rhythm again, but we will see.

Maybe I should just text him a picture of the red spatula and see if he can guess which direction I'm heading to :)



  1. Good luck! The first time was hard enough, I hope the second time is easier for you ( to bring it up). Might be harder to go through as this time you may have more expectations than the first, but one step at a time!!!


  2. Yes! Text him the pic of the red spatula! And maybe a pic of a red bottom to go with it! (men can be a bit thick sometimes, lol) Just be careful what you wish for! (I give this advice, but never follow it myself, lol)

  3. Good luck hope texting the spatula works wonders.
    Hugs Lindy